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Our Mission

To invest deeply in the lives of men: educating, training, and mentoring them to live, love, and lead with wholehearted passion and integrity.

Many men live life alone, trapped in the prison of their own intellect, morality, and self-will. Hard wired for intimate relationships, a man can live disconnected from the truth his heart was made to speak. Detached from his own heart and therefore his own need, he lives in proximity to friends, family, and colleagues, yet no one knows his losses, hurts, failures, or hopes. Made to live, he survives, sometimes by succeeding.

Tin Man exists to change this for any man who wants more and knows he was made for more. Whether you are a pastor, an accountant, a businessman, or a builder, we are here to guide you one step at a time on the journey home: home to the God who made you, home to the gifts He gave you, home to your family, home to your passion, and home to your calling.

Tin Man Ministries helps a man get his heart back.

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Jeff Schulte is the founder and Executive Director of Tin Man Ministries, an initiative for authentic Christian leadership helping men come home to the God who made them and the gifts He has given them, home to their family, home to their passion, and home to their calling.

Jeff has spoken on 4 continents on a variety of men's issues including biblical masculinity, fatherhood, spiritual formation, leadership, and relational authenticity. He also coaches leaders and consults with ministry leadership teams.

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